Igwe bu Ike (Unity is Strength)

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Our Objectives, Purpose and Memebership Eligibity

We, the Igbo speaking people of Nigeria, domiciled in Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom,aware of our common heritageand recognizing our lineage to the Igbo people of Nigeria, do hereby voluntarily come together to consolidate our unity as onepeople, Ndi-Igbo.
In this spirit, we solemnly resolve to constitute the Nzuko Ndi-Igbo of Dundeeto promote the interest and welfare of our membersand enjoy the fellowship of one another through membership, guided by a deep sense of trust, honesty, integrity and lovefor ourselves, our host communityand our homeland.We do affirm to uphold and promote Igbo traditions and cultural values, while encouraging the highest levels of understanding andrespect for and from each member, and for others.

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Insurance can have various effects on society through the way that it changes who bears the cost of losses and damage.

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  • To establish social and economic base and enhance the recognition of Igbo Community in Dundee.

  • To educate our childrenand all those interestedin the Igbo traditions, culture and language.

  • To provide appropriate benefitsor relief in support and celebration of members’ achievements, successes and difficulties as shall be decided by members.

  • To communicate and co-operate with other organisationsof our choosing.

  • To uphold the truth and maintain integrity in our lives.

  • Promotingthe spirit of togetherness and brotherhood amongNDI IGBO and their families through social interactions.

  • Serving as the umbrella associationunder which Igbo men, women and children may come together to achieve acommon goal of understanding and co-operation.

  • Keeping Igbo traditions and customs alive as celebrated in our rich festivals and cultural institutions.

  • Promoting the teaching of Igbo language and culture to our children andto any other peopleinterested thereof

  • All people of Igbo origin who livewithin Dundee and environswith proven integrity and character. Anyone below the age of 16 years would require parental consent to become a registered member of the Community.

  • All people that are related to a bona-fide member of the Association by birth,marriage or partnership.

  • Anyone in full-time studies shall be deemed to be a student and shall berequired to register with halfof the approved registration fee. Such studentsare still required to pay their stipulated annual fee.


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